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Guarantees a partial or total repayment of the obligations of the borrower to the lender in the event of difficult random situation occurrence (unemployment, death, permanent disability, hospitalization).

For whom?Professionally active personsPensioners
The sum insuredProfessionally active personsIt covers the repayment of loan installments for a maximum period of 365 days in the event of total inability to work or involuntary unemployment.PensionersIt covers the total repayment of loan installments in the event of death or hospitalization and PLN 1000 in the case of robbery/burglary.
Period of insuranceProfessionally active personsPeriod of loan repaymentPensionersPeriod of loan repayment
BenefitsProfessionally active personsComfort and a sense of security for the borrower in case of loss of the ability to repay the loan.PensionersSecurity for borrower’s family protection against debts resulting from non-payment of loan installments.

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